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Photoshoot Feb. 2017

Hello everyone!

Thanks to a collab with I’ve created my Love Affair Selfie shoot. There’s something magical and inspiring about wearing cute clothing with the faces of your childhood heroes. From Dragon Ball Z to The Joker, the clothing found at Serpent Urban Clothing is fun, fashionable, soft to touch and easy to take care of.

It wasn’t perfect though. And as much as I had fun wearing it, there were a few issues. To watch a full review, check out:





Let’s Talk Poly w/ Jak!

Renegotiating Your Relationships – Even if you’ve been dating for years!


Hello Ladies and Dudes,

No matter what kind of romantic relationship you have, there will come a time when renegotioating will be vital to the survival of that relationship. No matter how many years it has been, people change, life throws curveballs, best to be prepared.

Christopher and I just had one of those moments. We’ve spent the last year negotiating towards a high-protocol D/s relationship and we made it happen. Things weren’t perfect, as we were still growing and learning each other, but we had a good foundation.

As of late though, the things we had done before weren’t working anymore for me and I needed to renegotiate.

One of my greatest flaws: I jump to the worst possible outcome and assume that’s what’s going to happen. I prepare for the worst, in the most unhealthy way possible. So, instead of just explaining to Christopher that we needed to sit down and renegotiate, I decided to just pull away and create a wall.

I said: “Here are the things I don’t like, I assume (because people suck) they won’t change, so I’m just going to assume the worst and act like it’s already happened.”


We finally sat down yesterday and negotiated like we had never done it before (though we have, many times). We pulled out a BDSM check list, spoke about our dynamic, went over the basic things we needed and enjoyed. We went over information we already knew because there was a chance it had changed. And some of it did.

We happily and successfully renegotiated our relationship!

One of the key parts of this negotiation was to understand that I, Brittany, am more than my BDSM side. I have needs that have nothing to do with BDSM but have everything to do with spending time with my partner.

One of the things Christopher and I kept doing was having this conversation:

Brittany: “I want to go to a museum with you.”

Christopher: “Great, let’s do that.”

And than neither of us would do it, both waiting for the other to make it happen.

So, yesterday, I called him from work and proposed that we ride the motorcycle to The University of Washington to see the Cherry Blossoms. It was a great day! The sun was out, though it was still freezing!


We needed to get out of the house. We needed to put away our phones and spend time together. I was going to SnapChat the date but decided to leave my phone home instead. I wanted to just spend time with my partner and no one else.

It was the most perfect day. We explored together. Enjoyed each other. Had real conversations. We’re both avid readers, so we strolled around UW’s lovely library. And I cannot tell you how magical it is to have someone love a library the same way you do.

Overall, without that conversation we would have continued being miserable and we probably would have broken up. When we don’t talk, we fail.

One of the things that I stopped doing, which I will start up again today, is that I used to keep a daily journal about our relationship, our scenes, our dates and kept it 100% real. At the end of the day, I’d have him read it so he knew what was going on. It was easier this way, than talking about it, and having my emotions get in the way.

Writing is always going to be my most successful way of communicating, it does not judge you until you go back to proofread it 🙂


Brittany Simon


Our Relationship: In All The Gory Details!

Washing My Mouth Out With Soap.

Hello Ladies and Dudes,

There’s a fine balance between protecting someone from an abusive relationship and learning to not judge them because it’s actually what they want out of life. There’s also a fine line between those who actually know what they want and those who are convinced that this is what they want. And of course, the biggest question: How do we know when we’re dealing with the person who needs help and the person who is actually happy with their choices?

With that said, let’s talk about Christopher washing my mouth out with soap.

Christopher and I were planning our collaring ceremony to happen this month, and we were close, but a few more lessons arose and we’ve decided to wait awhile more. See, for us, the collaring ceremony is SERIOUSLY that step before marriage and marriage for the both of us is the most serious commitment you can make with another human being (at least, in our lives).

So, after a week of bad rebellion and new negotiations, Christopher will now wash my mouth out every time that I cuss (that is, until I’ve earned his collar again). The soap method was not used by my parents. We got good ol’ fashioned beatings. So, this was a new thing for me.

If you know me, you know that I cuss like a sailor.

Yesterday, I messed up five times. Three of them went like this:

We were watching an intense movie. Something intense happens to the character on the screen.

Me: “Fuck!” Realizing I cussed. “Oh, shit.” Realizing I cussed again. “Oh, Fuck!”

He made me bite down on a bar of soap and sit there until I was gagging.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen the porn and the kinky pictures of people who are into having their mouths washed out with soap. I never realized it was as bad as I let myself believe until I had it done on me (I blame Tumblr!).

As a pretty heavy masochist that is the worst thing he’s ever done to me.

I have a specific assignment to complete in order to earn his collar. This could take me 1-12 months, depending on how hard I decide to work at it.

Some people would consider Christopher and I too serious when it comes to our dynamic. And maybe we are, but I’m putting my mind, heart, soul and body in his hands. It’s as serious as one gets in life, allowing someone else control over them. So, yeah, I’m okay waiting. I’m okay earning my place in his life and he in mine.

The hardest part of this dynamic: Having my mouth washed out with soap.

These are the actions that best suit our dynamic, that best help us on our journey towards fulfillment. These are the moments where I welcome the challenge. I welcome the chance to better myself and to prove my dedication to my partner.

Christopher and I both work daily to make sure we’re on the same page, that we want the same things, and that we’re taking the best path to creating the life that we want.

I know some people might wonder if I’m in an abusive relationship, I am NOT.

I have read, studied, listened, and learned that out of all the paths in life I could take, this one brings me the most peace. That could chance, but for now (and hopefully forever), this is where I belong, kneeling at his feet.

Brittany Simon