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September 2016 Photo shoot: The Freedom of Rope


Rope is a wonderful way to have fun. It’s a great way to feel safe and close to someone. It’s a great way to lose all power.

In BDSM rope is used as a tool and as a weapon. It’s meant to create a specific feeling, often decided by the Top/Dom. Though, during negotiations it’s discussed with all parties the intent and purpose of the rope.20160909-1940188913


During this photo shoot, I asked a friend of mine to help. created a happy and eventually pain focused scene while Christopher (my partner) took pictures. The scene wasn’t as tradition as it normally would have been. Normally there isn’t a camera man, who on occasion walks into the scene to be mean to me .

And I often don’t bottom for anyone but Christopher, so that was new and fun.

I wanted to show you how fun and beautiful rope can be.

I hope you enjoy!

<3 Brittany Simon














And the power of curly hair!


To The LGBTQA Family Members

I know my depression has been triggered by the events this past weekend, so take what I saw with a grain of salt. The LGBTQA family members and the death of Christina Grimmie has left me feeling very hopeless.

What’s worse, is being around people who aren’t LGBTQA becuase they don’t mourn the same, at least from what I’ve seen. They don’t understand the hurt, the direct threat that becomes a reality for so many of us.

I’ve become spoiled living in Seattle. I forget what it’s like to walk down the street with your girlfriend and NOT show affection, out of fear. I’m grateful that I get to live in a city that isn’t threatened by my queerness.

I can only hope that others can move to a place where they will be loved and accepted. I’m sorry for loss that many of us have felt and directly experienced.

My brain is telling me to kill myself, but I won’t. Not today. Today, I’ll cry and mourn and continue living my very gay life. I’m grateful to so many, but especially to those LGBTQA advocates who risk their lives everyday to spread awareness and who fight for the rights of people like me. Thank you.

<3 Brittany Simon

Ipsy March 2016 Bag review


Hello Ladies and Dudes,

It’s finally here! My very first Ipsy bag. This month’s bag features five items that I love and have been using for about a week. I wanted to give myself some time to actually use the items that were sent to me.

The First Impression:

The bag itself is a lovely coral with rose prints. I hear this month’s bag came in multiple color options. I’m very happy with mine as I have a love for the pink and orange hues. The bag is actually amazing. I’m always in the market for great makeup bags to take with me on trips or long nights out and the Ipsy bag work perfectly.

The bag itself would be worth $8-1$10.00 at a Walgreens or Target.


When you open the bag the first thing you really notice is the postcard. Mine is starring Crispy, the makeup artist, and she’s looking lovely as ever. It also has contest information on the back. The bag and postcard are themed for spring with light colors and bouncy fonts.

The items:


Here we have the 223 brush. It was great for adding colors to my lower lash area. It also smudges like a pro. It’s soft and smooth. I had no issues with this brush. Though, let’s be honest, you need three main things to make a great brush: Softness, number of bristles, and the brushes durability (no falling bristles).

This brush retails for $12.00.

Personally, I feel like you don’t have to spend that much on one brush to find a set that works just as great. I’m sure I’ll write on this soon, but there are other companies that will provide brushes for much less and they work just as great. Either way, I paid $10.00 for this Ipsy bag and I’m already getting my moneys worth.


For lips this bag featured the brand NudeStix lip + cheek pencil in the color Mystic .

I wore it while drinking coffee, eating breakfast and kissing my partner and it’s still on my lips. I love it! It goes on smooth and stays on smooth. It has no smell, which for many of us is a plus.

You can find this at Sephora in a package deal with a sharpener, mirror and black case for $24.00.


For Primer’s I was given Makeup Forever’s Step 1 skin equalizer. I normally use my Kat Von D primer but switched it out for Makeup Forever’s. It’s been just as great. I like Makeup Forever, so I don’t need to be sold on their products. Their eyebrow line is amazing.

This product retails for $37.00 at Sephora.



The Ultra Healing Hydrating Serum by FAB (First Aid Beauty).

I have dry skin. It’s the Middle Eastern in me, plus, I’ve got this IUD that’s messing with my skin. So, using this on my very angry face has been wonderful.

This item retails at $36.00.


And the last item on the list is the Collagene Spa Treatment Mask by Global Beauty Care. I actually used it on a vlog that I recently made: WATCH HERE and see picture below.

I loved using this mask. It really did make my skin feel like it was brand new.

This product retails at $10.00.



I think it’s clear that going through Ipsy saves you money. It really does give you the ability to test out products in their actual and miniature sizes before investing full-time.

For $10.00 a month it’s a great investment.

Note: I did pay for my yearly subscription up front and that got me one Ipsy bag for free! So, it’s even cheaper down the line.

Thank you for reading this post. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact me via Tumblr! CLICK HERE

Have a lovely day!

<3 Brittany Simon

Let’s Talk Poly w/ Jak!

Renegotiating Your Relationships – Even if you’ve been dating for years!


Hello Ladies and Dudes,

No matter what kind of romantic relationship you have, there will come a time when renegotioating will be vital to the survival of that relationship. No matter how many years it has been, people change, life throws curveballs, best to be prepared.

Christopher and I just had one of those moments. We’ve spent the last year negotiating towards a high-protocol D/s relationship and we made it happen. Things weren’t perfect, as we were still growing and learning each other, but we had a good foundation.

As of late though, the things we had done before weren’t working anymore for me and I needed to renegotiate.

One of my greatest flaws: I jump to the worst possible outcome and assume that’s what’s going to happen. I prepare for the worst, in the most unhealthy way possible. So, instead of just explaining to Christopher that we needed to sit down and renegotiate, I decided to just pull away and create a wall.

I said: “Here are the things I don’t like, I assume (because people suck) they won’t change, so I’m just going to assume the worst and act like it’s already happened.”


We finally sat down yesterday and negotiated like we had never done it before (though we have, many times). We pulled out a BDSM check list, spoke about our dynamic, went over the basic things we needed and enjoyed. We went over information we already knew because there was a chance it had changed. And some of it did.

We happily and successfully renegotiated our relationship!

One of the key parts of this negotiation was to understand that I, Brittany, am more than my BDSM side. I have needs that have nothing to do with BDSM but have everything to do with spending time with my partner.

One of the things Christopher and I kept doing was having this conversation:

Brittany: “I want to go to a museum with you.”

Christopher: “Great, let’s do that.”

And than neither of us would do it, both waiting for the other to make it happen.

So, yesterday, I called him from work and proposed that we ride the motorcycle to The University of Washington to see the Cherry Blossoms. It was a great day! The sun was out, though it was still freezing!


We needed to get out of the house. We needed to put away our phones and spend time together. I was going to SnapChat the date but decided to leave my phone home instead. I wanted to just spend time with my partner and no one else.

It was the most perfect day. We explored together. Enjoyed each other. Had real conversations. We’re both avid readers, so we strolled around UW’s lovely library. And I cannot tell you how magical it is to have someone love a library the same way you do.

Overall, without that conversation we would have continued being miserable and we probably would have broken up. When we don’t talk, we fail.

One of the things that I stopped doing, which I will start up again today, is that I used to keep a daily journal about our relationship, our scenes, our dates and kept it 100% real. At the end of the day, I’d have him read it so he knew what was going on. It was easier this way, than talking about it, and having my emotions get in the way.

Writing is always going to be my most successful way of communicating, it does not judge you until you go back to proofread it 🙂


Brittany Simon