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I Do It All: I cook, I clean, I work and I’m Happy About It.

Hello Ladies and Dudes,

I like being in control. Yes, I know, so says the Submissive….

When I get home from work I know exactly what I’m going to do. I plan my day down to every 15 mins. It makes it easier for me to be efficient. I have a full-time job, a part time hobby, friends I’d like to see and a Dom to come home to.

I have so much that I’d like to get done, so its important for me to utilize my time well.

Christopher recently told me that I often give others the long end of the stick, while giving myself the short end.

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“You cook, clean, plan events and so on,” he said. “You give up so much, why?”

“I like being in control,” I said.

“How does that make you in control if you’re doing all this for others?”

“This is my house,” I said. “I work so I can pay for it. I cook, so I enjoy what I have to eat. I clean, so it’s done to my high standard. I do it myself, so I’m not disappointed with the result. I take control, by controlling my environment.”

That’s why I love hosting out of my home. I love serving others, making sure everyones happy, because I actually enjoy hosting. I enjoy making those around me happy, but I like doing it my way.


My mother used to say: “I can’t get a job Brittany, who would clean? Who would cook?”

That always confused me. I work and I still clean and I still cook. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I will admit, I’m a bit different. I bleach and scrub my toilet once a day, vacuum every other day, hate even a single dish in my sink. I HAVE TO clean before I can make dinner when I get home from work. I’ll get the trash ready for Christopher to take out, I’ll clean up after Kitty, feed her, fill her water bowl….

Just because I work doesn’t mean those things don’t get done. They’re my responsibilities. I take pride in them. They’re mine.

With that said, I’m genuinely happy to cook, clean, work and still be an attentive Submissive to my Dom. Christopher isn’t good at domestic stuff and when he tries, he makes a mess. That stresses me out. I’d rather he worry about the stuff he’s good at.

Like I said, no one knows how to take care of my home better than me 🙂



Bitch Better Have My Money!


Hello Ladies and Dudes,

Rihanna released a song called “Bitch Better Have My Money,” along with a controversial video.

This video was confusing the first time that I watched it. After the seventeenth time, I decided it was totally my new favorite song. It had Rihanna, being her normal badass self, two very non-normy sidekicks and Mads Mikkelsen playing the bitch.

What more could I want?

I’ve always thought Rihanna to be a pretty bold artist. She’s been able to create music and sing about lifestyle choices that are considered abnormal. “S&M” wasn’t just some pop song. For people like me, it was this amazing song about a lifestyle I lived.

I think people take for granted that Rihanna is a woman of color singing about stuff that is rough, abnormal and bold. She isn’t afraid to just throw herself out there.

I understand that many were confused by the choice of violence in “BBHMM,” but I saw it was pretty low-key. As someone that loves mafia books, kidnapping the wife of the man that owes you money is a pretty basic move. Maybe I’ve read too many Mario Puzo novels…



I understand, as someone who is always ready to criticize the things that I love, that we live in a world without balance. We’ll never find the perfect way to choose what is art and what isn’t.

For me, this song was dark, thrilling, a story I wanted to know the end of, and it was art. It was a chance to get ugly and violent. I’m okay with this. As someone who loves Tarantino movies and listens to Disturbed on a regular bases, this song was just another inspirational anthem.

How many of us have been double-crossed? How many of us wish we could get our dignity back? How many of us wish we could seek revenge? Frankly, this video was empowering.

Yes, it was ugly, kidnapping someone and abusing their body with substances is disturbing, but so what?

Are we not allowed to be disturbed? Are we not allowed to see another side to the ugly? The side that makes us questions it’s attractiveness?

As a feminist, I understand why some were angered but I think we forget that artists have the right to create what they want. We, as the consumer, have to decide how to feel about it, BUT we need to stop putting energy into stopping things from being created.

We should, instead, put energy in creating something to combat it, that way options are created and dialogues are started. Better to have more choices, then no choices.

This goes for all types of art, video games included. Do I want to see better games? Yes. Do I think some of the games out there are created only for men and don’t think about women in the process? Yes. Do I want to stop those people from continuing to create? No.

I want representation and we get that by letting artists continue creating. Don’t silence creativity, it’s never good for anyone.

As long as no one is getting hurt (again, something that is subjective) and as long as everyone can learn to consume art with an open mind, I think we’ll be okay.

Remember, we can still have issues with the things that we love.

So, in the end, remember: Bitch better have my money!