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The Fantasy of Surrender: Trust and Surrender.

NOTE: This is my very personal journey with D/s and love. I hope it helps others along their journey.

NOTE: Incase it needs to be said, before surrender came the groundwork.
We had countless conversations about our future and what we wanted from each other. We spoke about the realities of our ages, money, school, friends and relationship goals. We came to an agreement on what we wanted, we just needed to make it happen and that included Surrender.

Note: Christopher has input a couple comments in parenthesis because he’s nosy like that.

I received a question that I hope to answer here:

“How did you TRUST him enough to surrender?”

Surrender is an everyday battle. What I achieved in my post wasn’t “surrender until the day I die.” It was the breaking down of the wall that was stopping me from surrendering in the first place.

To read about how I broke down that wall: CLICK HERE.

Surrender is hard.

No matter how many novels you read, or fantasies you imagine, this lifestyle isn’t easy. It’s a constant battle with our survival instincts, societal conditioning and our inner demons.

I keep hearing from people that want the perfect D/s or M/s relationship instantly. They want to meet someone at their local BDSM party and have it just work.

Can you imagine it?
A Submissive who kneels without command. A Dom who reads minds…..

NO! It doesn’t work that way.

Relationships take more than work, they take determination.

How Do I Trust Him Enough To Surrender:

I’ve been distrustful of people since I was fifteen, so when I meet people who want to be important in my life, they must earn it. Earning it means many things to me.

-They must spend time with me.
-They must value me as a whole person.
-They must be someone who contributes positive things to my life.
-They must NOT be people who make enemies out of my friends, lie, cheat or who live a life that is constantly ill-intentioned towards others.
-They become a true friend 🙂
(Obviously, these are all things I would give them as well)

This is the groundwork that needs to be done to be friends with me. This is also what needs to be done if you plan on dating me.

When I met Christopher we started off forming a friendship. We became lovers pretty quickly but it wasn’t anything close to a D/s dynamic. When I met Christopher he was still a Submissive to a female Dom. I was attracted to them both, so the three of us became involved.

During that time, a few things happened at once. I was in my first poly relationship with two people. Christopher was realizing he wasn’t suited for a Submissive lifestyle and his Dom was realizing that their relationship wasn’t going to survive the change.

As I watched their relationship crumble I realized a few things I didn’t want: I didn’t want a relationship that would crumble without the D/s. I wanted a friend, a partner and than a Dom.

I wanted someone who would build a life WITH me, not around me.
I wanted someone who was in control of me but understand that we were still equals.

NOTE: For the first half of our relationship Christopher lived 70 miles away and I only saw him twice a week (he was living with his former partners).

The first few months of our relationship Christopher and I were in limbo. He, from day one, planned on making me His (C: I knew I wanted her in my life for the rest of my life and I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied with just friends. However, the BDSM aspect and possessiveness didn’t happen on the first day. I did have inklings from very early on that it would go that direction). I was oblivious to this. I spent the first few months of our relationship enjoying his company, bonding with him and enjoying the fact that I had a new friend.

At the time, I was going through a difficult time, personal family stuff that was becoming all consuming.

Christopher was there for me during that time. Without him, I’m not sure where I would have ended up. I know I would have been fine, but it wouldn’t have been the same.

We spent months after that unsure of what we needed to make this relationship work. We were both growing in ourselves and it was hard knowing how to growtogether. I’d never done it before and I was afraid to.

Romantic relationships, for me, are about BUILDING a life TOGETHER. Which means, I can’t just fuck who I want, I can’t just pick up and move, I can’t just do anything without thinking of how it effects my partner.

Christopher wanted that. He said “I love you”, first. He made it clear that he wanted me. I fought this. I hadn’t spent enough time getting to know him to feel like I could make a true commitment that involved long term planning.

Eventually, as we went back and forth between our feelings (C: As SHE went back and forth. I just kept going forward and dragging her along mercilessly), Christopher’s relationship with his Dom officially ended.

We moved in together and we had the chance to live this lifestyle the way we wanted.

But I was still unsure…

For me, a year is not a lot of time. I work an average of 50 hours a week. Times goes by quickly for me. So for those who say a year is long enough to know if someone is long-term material, good for you, but that’s now how I work.

I needed to know that I could trust him when things were bad. Relationships are easy when everything is going right. Eventually, there were a few times when shit really hit the fan. Christopher took care of it. He was there. He had proved to me that he can step up, that he can really take control, and that he had a plan.

But all of those life tests needed time to happen. We had to let them naturally happen. We can’t force life to move faster than it’s going to. And so, I couldn’t move our relationship faster than it was ready to go.

It took over a year, but Christopher proved to me that it was worth the risk. That letting go, letting him love me, though scary, was worth it.

As someone that battles with depression and anxiety, the idea that I would let someone who’s only known me ONE YEAR get that close, seemed impossible.

Our community of people are some of the brightest, most passionate people that I know. But we’re all still humans with a weakness for companionship and romance. I feel that we sometimes want to rush into these “perfect” relationships because we don’t want to wait. We don’t want the struggle, the pain or the possibility of failure.

For me, it was worth the wait. I’ve always had to work for what I’ve had. Always.

So, my advice for all of you who are eager for the “perfect relationship” is this: There is no such thing (C: Besides the one Brittany and I have. That one’s absolutely perfect). Your relationship will never be perfect. It will always be this beautiful piece of art that you’ll always be adding to. Enjoy the fact that you get to add little strokes of paint to it every moment of your day. Enjoy the fact that your strokes are met with someone else’s.

I cannot tell you how satisfying it is when I look over at Christopher and think: “We’ve both put so much into this. There’s something special here. Something important. Something worth sticking around for. And we’ve built it, together. It’s ours.”

So, how did I trust him enough to Surrender?
I accepted that his actions spoke for him. I accepted that he had done what I asked of him. I stopped trying to fight him because he didn’t deserve that. He did what I asked, it was time for me to give him what we both wanted, my trust and surrender.

I can only hope that I continue to earn the right to kneel for him every day.

We must both do our part to make this work.

Thank you for reading.

Feel free to check out my other writing on Surrender. I think this is a important and powerful part of our lifestyle and culture, and I look forward to exploring more of it.

<3 Brittany



I Do It All: I cook, I clean, I work and I’m Happy About It.

Hello Ladies and Dudes,

I like being in control. Yes, I know, so says the Submissive….

When I get home from work I know exactly what I’m going to do. I plan my day down to every 15 mins. It makes it easier for me to be efficient. I have a full-time job, a part time hobby, friends I’d like to see and a Dom to come home to.

I have so much that I’d like to get done, so its important for me to utilize my time well.

Christopher recently told me that I often give others the long end of the stick, while giving myself the short end.

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“You cook, clean, plan events and so on,” he said. “You give up so much, why?”

“I like being in control,” I said.

“How does that make you in control if you’re doing all this for others?”

“This is my house,” I said. “I work so I can pay for it. I cook, so I enjoy what I have to eat. I clean, so it’s done to my high standard. I do it myself, so I’m not disappointed with the result. I take control, by controlling my environment.”

That’s why I love hosting out of my home. I love serving others, making sure everyones happy, because I actually enjoy hosting. I enjoy making those around me happy, but I like doing it my way.


My mother used to say: “I can’t get a job Brittany, who would clean? Who would cook?”

That always confused me. I work and I still clean and I still cook. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I will admit, I’m a bit different. I bleach and scrub my toilet once a day, vacuum every other day, hate even a single dish in my sink. I HAVE TO clean before I can make dinner when I get home from work. I’ll get the trash ready for Christopher to take out, I’ll clean up after Kitty, feed her, fill her water bowl….

Just because I work doesn’t mean those things don’t get done. They’re my responsibilities. I take pride in them. They’re mine.

With that said, I’m genuinely happy to cook, clean, work and still be an attentive Submissive to my Dom. Christopher isn’t good at domestic stuff and when he tries, he makes a mess. That stresses me out. I’d rather he worry about the stuff he’s good at.

Like I said, no one knows how to take care of my home better than me 🙂