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Ipsy March 2016 Bag review


Hello Ladies and Dudes,

It’s finally here! My very first Ipsy bag. This month’s bag features five items that I love and have been using for about a week. I wanted to give myself some time to actually use the items that were sent to me.

The First Impression:

The bag itself is a lovely coral with rose prints. I hear this month’s bag came in multiple color options. I’m very happy with mine as I have a love for the pink and orange hues. The bag is actually amazing. I’m always in the market for great makeup bags to take with me on trips or long nights out and the Ipsy bag work perfectly.

The bag itself would be worth $8-1$10.00 at a Walgreens or Target.


When you open the bag the first thing you really notice is the postcard. Mine is starring Crispy, the makeup artist, and she’s looking lovely as ever. It also has contest information on the back. The bag and postcard are themed for spring with light colors and bouncy fonts.

The items:


Here we have the 223 brush. It was great for adding colors to my lower lash area. It also smudges like a pro. It’s soft and smooth. I had no issues with this brush. Though, let’s be honest, you need three main things to make a great brush: Softness, number of bristles, and the brushes durability (no falling bristles).

This brush retails for $12.00.

Personally, I feel like you don’t have to spend that much on one brush to find a set that works just as great. I’m sure I’ll write on this soon, but there are other companies that will provide brushes for much less and they work just as great. Either way, I paid $10.00 for this Ipsy bag and I’m already getting my moneys worth.


For lips this bag featured the brand NudeStix lip + cheek pencil in the color Mystic .

I wore it while drinking coffee, eating breakfast and kissing my partner and it’s still on my lips. I love it! It goes on smooth and stays on smooth. It has no smell, which for many of us is a plus.

You can find this at Sephora in a package deal with a sharpener, mirror and black case for $24.00.


For Primer’s I was given Makeup Forever’s Step 1 skin equalizer. I normally use my Kat Von D primer but switched it out for Makeup Forever’s. It’s been just as great. I like Makeup Forever, so I don’t need to be sold on their products. Their eyebrow line is amazing.

This product retails for $37.00 at Sephora.



The Ultra Healing Hydrating Serum by FAB (First Aid Beauty).

I have dry skin. It’s the Middle Eastern in me, plus, I’ve got this IUD that’s messing with my skin. So, using this on my very angry face has been wonderful.

This item retails at $36.00.


And the last item on the list is the Collagene Spa Treatment Mask by Global Beauty Care. I actually used it on a vlog that I recently made: WATCH HERE and see picture below.

I loved using this mask. It really did make my skin feel like it was brand new.

This product retails at $10.00.



I think it’s clear that going through Ipsy saves you money. It really does give you the ability to test out products in their actual and miniature sizes before investing full-time.

For $10.00 a month it’s a great investment.

Note: I did pay for my yearly subscription up front and that got me one Ipsy bag for free! So, it’s even cheaper down the line.

Thank you for reading this post. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact me via Tumblr! CLICK HERE

Have a lovely day!

<3 Brittany Simon

5 Tips To Sooth Dry Skin! – For Men and Women

Hello Ladies and Dudes,

I was recently messaged on Tumblr and even though I plan to create a video about this, I thought I’d go ahead and write about it as well.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 1.30.37 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 1.38.06 PM


There are a few ways to go. I’m not sure if there’s a medical condition causing the dry skin. If not, and if you’re just dealing with basic dry skin, I have some advice. This is my personal opinion and what I’ve found works for me.

I have very dry skin. I contribute it to my Middle Eastern genetics. It’s taken me years to find products that work for my skin. I have found that I can use very expensive products or even drug store ones and have my skin react positively.

If I’m being honest, my skin is perfectly happy with Walgreens products or even your local grocery store products.

Here are key elements to having great skin.

1) Drink water. Water is going to help relieve your body of those nasty toxins. Please do not skip this step! Do not drink coffee, tea or Red Bull (or anything else) all day and assume that your body is going to function correctly. It won’t. It needs water.

2) Watch what you eat. Watch what you eat. To avoid dry skin and acne focus on what you’re eating. Whatever you eat will come out in your skin. Start the day with fruit. I eat an avocado for breakfast with coffee and water. Cook your own food. Focus on eating greens. Avoid grease! Remember that your skin is directly effected by what you consume.

3) Experiment with face wash! and lotions: Wash your face with hydrating soaps and cleansers. There are some skin types that react badly to using either or, so experiment.  Oil free cleansers are a great way to go, just remember to lotion your face afterward! I personally recommend washing your face once a day, at night before bed. I find that if I do it more than that my skin dries out and is upset by the over cleaning.

2208027 Olay-Foaming-Face-Wash-Sensitive-Skin

Lotion works the same way. You have to try multiple ones before finding the one that works for you. I use Aveeno for my face. It helps sooth my skin without leaving it feeling oily.

4) DO NOT TOUCH YOUR SKIN! Do not pick at your skin. Do not aggressively pop your pimples. Do play with your skin. Your hands are dirty! They pick up everything that you touch throughout the day. All that dirt will end up on your face. Wash your hands often (and lotion after to avoid dry skin).

5) Be consistent: When I was a teenager I had horrible acne and dry skin. I didn’t attend school one week because it was so bad and I was afraid of being teased. We’ve learned that acne isn’t just for teenagers. It’s actually a skin condition that effects people of all ages. So don’t worry if you’re an adult with acne!

Make sure to be consistent with your skin. Give it sometime to get used to the products you’re using. Having a skin routine.

My routine: I wash my face with water in the morning and lotion right after. At night I wash everything off with cleanser. I lotion again and head to bed.

Everyones skin is different, but dry skin is often easy to sooth by washing with hydrating soaps/cleansers, motorizing, not touching your face, eating correctly and being consistent.

Good luck!

<3 Brittany Simon