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Dear Random Man, I Do Not Need Your Validation (Halloween at a BDSM club)

Hello Ladies and Dudes,

     It was halloween night. I had been up since 6:30am and after working an almost full day of work, I headed home to prepare. My toes curled with anticipation as I power-napped, showered, ate and then dressed myself for the night. I even called my sister to share my excitement. I was headed to a BDSM/Kink Halloween party at an actual club/center.

     It had been four years since my last party within the community and since then I’d only dipped my toes in. My fear of walking into a new place alone has always won out. This time was different. I was going with friends of mine, a couple with whom I’m also intimately involved.

     We entered the club and almost immediately heads turned to my lovely female friend, we’ll call her “A.” A is a beautiful woman and a dom who, as her sub (we’ll call him “C”) and I agreed, is a cross between Amy Lee from Evanescence and Xena, The Warrior Princess. In other words, when she walks into a room she commands attention.

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