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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during the one on one calls?


Whatever you want! Just keep it professional. This is your time to discuss philosophy, watch anime, review youtube videos, talk about life,  or even explore “The Levels.” 


You must be 18+ 


How do the calls happen? 


They happen over Zoom or Google chats. If you are a patron, we can also use Discord.


Do I have to have my camera on?


No. I want you to feel comfortable. I prefer to have a camera on, I’m better at conversation when I can see people's facial expressions. 


Can I record my call?


Yes, I ask that you let me know first. I do not record the calls. I trust my callers to respect mine and their own boundaries.


How soon is my call after I book?


Within 30 days. 


What Times Are You Available? 

5am EST - 2pm EST

11am CET- 8pm CET


How can I book a call? 


You can submit a call request by emailing: OR you can sign up through PATREON CLICK HERE.

Please note Patreon spots are limited. They also come with Discord perks. 


What are my payment options? 


Directly through Brittany With Discount: $225.00  (regular price is $250.00)

Payments made through Paypal and Venmo. 

This does not come with the Discord perk or Patreon perks.


Through Patreon:  BOOK HERE


Do I pay before or after my call? 


You pay before. It confirms your spot. Once you pay, no one else can take that spot. 


What if there’s an emergency and I can’t make my call?


Life happens, no worries! You get one reschedule. If, for some reason, you miss both calls it will be considered a donation. 


Are you a therapist or medical professional?

No. I’m a content creator. I just offer my time for calls because I like discussion. I enjoy discussing philosophy, politics,. and pop culture. 


Can my partner/friend/parent join in on the call? 


Yes! If you’d like to do a call and have a friend join, that’s up to you. It’s your time, I’m always open to group discussions. All participants need to be 18 years of age.

Who is Brittany Simon?


Brittany Simon is primarily a youtuber and streamer. She is also body and sex positive and creates ethereal adult content. 


What is “The Levels”?

The Levels is an observational philosophy created in hopes to better categorize and help explain the process of introspection as it relates to existence. It’s completely subjective. It’s a tool, rather than a “way to live.” 

The Levels by Brittany Simon (An Observational Philosophy)


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